#11 Climate Migration & New Technology

From the flood plain in Bangladesh to droughts of Central America and rural Africa, climate change is becoming a driver of migration. Farmers leave their land when the weather makes it too difficult to harvest crops.

In this episode of “A Way Home Together, Stories of the Human Journey”, we look at the impact of environmental degradation and change.

“It’s a very very complex topic,” says Dina Ionesco, Head of Environmental Migration and Climate Change Division at the UN migration agency, IOM. “Floods, desertification, sea level rise, and loss of ecosystems are drivers of migration, and increasingly so. But very often they are connected to other issues.” 

Host, Tolu Olubunmi, has an in-depth interview in this podcast with entrepreneur and environmentalist, Ibrahim Al Husseini, founder and CEO of FullCycle, an investment company accelerating the deployment of climate-restoring technologies. 

Ibrahim explains why he is “extremely hopeful” that new technology can create significant amounts of clean energy.  This “isn’t just an exercise in doing the right thing. These technologies are also faster, cheaper and more profitable.” 

This episode is produced with funding from IOM and FullCycle.