Season 1 

Left to right: Ahmed Badr, Host, and Richard Davies, Executive Producer 


The Bomb

Host Ahmed Badr speaks to his parents and his 14-year-old sister about the bomb that hit their home in Baghdad, changing their lives forever. The family also discusses their journey through Iraq, Syria, and America.

Struggle in South Dakota - A New life in Texas

Ahmed’s family is resettled to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. After a year they move to Brookings, South Dakota so that Ahmed’s parents can re-evaluate their engineering degrees. After three years in Brookings, they move to Houston, Texas in search of new jobs.

Mariam’s Migrant Journey: Gaza to New York

Ahmed speaks to Mariam Abuamer, a singer based in Brooklyn, New York. Born in the Soviet Union and having grown up in Palestine, Mariam’s migrant journey is marked by struggle, persecution, empowerment, and freedom.